Fun facts....I've been with my husband for 20 years, we are best friends, we are very in love and my husband has the hormones of a 14 year old boy!  The hubby loves me and loves to spend as much "alone" time together as possible.  Unfortunately the hubby and I have different opinions on what a hot female body looks like.  I feel sexier when I am thin and tone.  He likes me the best when I am thick and joke.  If I let the hubby design the perfect body for me I would come out looking like Coco or Amber Rose or something like that.  

The hubby has been on an Amazon kick ever since we recently became Prime Members.  I know, what took us so long!  A few weeks ago I was joking how an outfit I was wearing would look so much better if I had some fake ass pads to put in.  My hubby's ears perked up and he asked all about them and didn't realize that such a thing had been invented.  Well guess what I recently got as a "gift"?  Yep, bike short looking things with ass and hip pads in them.  I asked him if he thought this gift was a bit offensive.  He said no he didn't cause he has bought me padded bras before and I didn't mind.  WTF with his logic?????   Anyway still not sure if I should be offended.  But the hubby loves the way I look in these bad boys.