My family is hoping to go camping for the first time this summer.  We are going to start off small with just a local spot for a weekend.  I know my limits!  So we bought a tent off Amazon the other day.  The hubby decided to go with a 5 person tent for a little extra room.  I come home from work and find that my daughter has squeezed a 5 person tent in her room.  She recently discovered the game Candy Crush and was just in an Alice in Wonderland play.  Knowing that will help you understand the note she posted on the outside of the tent.  So after a week of stepping around that thing and falling multiple times I told her fun is over and we have to break down the tent and take it out of your room.  I assumed that meant pack the tent away and store it in the garage.  I then come home the following day stoked to actually see the floor of my daughters room.  I go in our backyard and discovered where she had decided to put the tent.  Kids!