This weekend the family did a quick little trip up to San Jose.  That is where all my husband's family lives.  We actually have a trip planned for later this summer.  But a family member is sick and we wanted to go up for a quick visit.  As much as I hated to leave San Diego on what sounded like the most beautiful weekend ever!  I was looking forward to the hotel pool as well as bathtub.  Our current house does not have a bathtub so I have been dying for a good soak for months now.  We check into our hotel and I go straight to the bathroom to see the tub.  It's big but it looks like it is about one more use away from breaking.  Then I run to the window to see the pool.  It is blue and full of water but is just kind of basic and small in a courtyard with no view.  It is official.....San Diego has spoiled me!  If I don't feel like I am in a tropical paradise then what is the point!!!!  

We had a good visit with family.  And my daughter and her cousins had a great time swimming everyday.  But think we might try a different hotel on our next visit.