The hubby had a good Father's Day yesterday.  Probably not the best one ever but not a bad one either.  The daughter and I woke up early and went down the street to get him fresh coffee and pastries.  Then we game him his cards and Father's Day gifts.  But after that it was pretty much a normal day.  We cleaned up the house and prepped for my family to come over.  Had a great time with the family.  We had drinks and snacks and then ate dinner and dessert outside.  But the best had to be the gift from my Mom.  She is really on this disaster preparedness trip right now and I love it.  The hubby and my brother are now both the proud owners of Fiesta Buckets.  Don't be jealous when the world comes to an end and we have 196 servings of dehydrated Mexican food and you don't!  Best Father's Day gift ever?!?!?!?