Normally for TBT I post a throw back picture of myself.  But when my hubby showed me this video the other day I knew this would be my TBT this week.  There is so much I love about this video.  The hubby and I spent our whole lunch watching this together and breaking down all the people in the crowd.  This is Rage Against the Machine's first public performance.  It's on the campus of Cal State North Ridge back in 1991.  Yes the music is amazing but that is not why I love this video.  I love this video for the people watching.  I love watching the people just walking by.  Some stop for a bit to listen but most people keep walking.  At about the 20 minute mark we get our first real fan.  This guy starts feeling the music and dancing and will hang out for the rest of the show.  He is by far my favorite.  But for the most part it is just people walking by being unimpressed.