Maybe I am using the term "soccer star" a bit loosely here, but you know what I mean!  I had 3 major activities growing up #1 dancing, #2 soccer and #3 swimming.  I loved/love swimming but I was horrible at the Butterfly stoke so my swim team career did not last that long.  Dance has always been my #1 and I hope to dance forever.  I aspire to be the old lady dancing in a musical production at her senior home.  Soccer was right in the middle.  I liked soccer and was pretty good at it but it was not my passion.  So I played all the way up through the end of freshman year in high school when I decided to dedicate myself completely to the Dance Team.  This was the last tournament I went to before hanging up the cleats.  I remember our team stayed in the crappiest hotel in the crappiest little town but we had the best time ever!