I know in the future I will be the old cat lady.  Especially if I live longer than the hubby, I am going to be that old lady with many cats.  But now it looks like I might be knows at the Butterfly Lady too.  On Sunday our neighbor gave us a bunch of chrysalis.  I knew that a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and then the chrysalis turns into a butterfly but that is about it.  We bring these bad-boys to our backyard and I am amazed by their beauty.  The color is amazing and it looks like there is a line of gold dots around the top. Nature is nuts! Then I look at one that looks different.  And I notice that it is like I can see through this one and see the pattern of the butterfly wings all curled up inside.  So yesterday when I got home from work I ran straight to the backyard.  Within about 30 minutes of being home the thing opens up and all of a sudden there is a beautiful butterfly where the chrysalis use to be.  The butterfly sat in the sun for a few hours and dried off it's wings before it finally flew away.  OMG....IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!  Can't wait to see what happens today!