I was conflicted about posting this picture on social media yesterday.  So I didn't post it.  I hate that we live in a society were all we now see on social media are peoples best moments.  We know what we see on social media isn't real life but at the same time I find myself wishing I was more like those beautiful families I see smiling on Instagram.  I think this is a super cute picture of me and my 8 year old daughter having a fun day at the beach.  But that fun time at the beach yesterday was preceded by hours of horribleness.  Sunday was a tough morning for us.  We (the hubby and I) had been ignoring the daughter doing some paperwork and other stuff around the house.  After an hour or so of that Lovelyn started acting out for attention.  I then punished her by banning all devices and play dates with friends for the rest of the day.  Of course after that we got a total meltdown.  Once everything calmed down I was left with the thought "WTF are we going to do now to fill the time".  After cleaning her room and running some errands I agreed to take her to the beach.  And that is where these cute picture was taken.  So is it strange that I felt like I would be a total fraud posting this picture just saying "Fun Beach Day" knowing all the crappy parenting stuff that came before it?   Am I overthinking it?

Anyway, hope you and your family had a great weekend!