My brother is so funny!  As a kid growing up I remember him as a little businessman.  He played soccer and rode his bike and all that other kid stuff.  But he also really enjoyed numbers and started his own video game business selling used games before eBay or Game Stop or any of those things.  But now in his 40's my brother is one of the biggest kids I know.  He has a daughter the same age as mine and he is always taking her to do the funnest things.  Everyday is something in their house.  And on top of that he is also always buying himself the newest adult toys.  He was talking the other day about some sort of electric skateboard.....I'm nervous for his safety.  So I should have expected it when he said he rented an inflatable water slide for his daughters 8th bday party over the weekend.  I was thinking it would be some sort of slip-and-slide type of deal.  But when we turned the corner to his house and saw a water slide bigger than his freaking house I just laughed out loud.  Shocker....the kids had the best time ever!!!!