OMG....had the worst scare this morning.  Nobody wants to start their morning with a scare.  Especially not at freaking 3:45am!!!!!  If you didn't know on Fridays we have listeners come into the studio to watch the broadcast.  There is a tab on our website called Hang with The Show and you can email to come in.  This past Friday a listener brought Eddie a gift.  It is a freaking Storm Trooper the size of an 8/10 year old child.  Not my jam but Eddie loved it and a super thoughtful thing for the listener to bring.  I don't give it a second thought after that.  Friday we have our crazy End of Summer Party in Mission Beach (pic & video on the site this morning).  Saturday we are off to Harrah's to spend the night and party with The Show.  Then yesterday I was swimming in North County all day with family and then prepping the daughter for her first day at school.  My mind is in a zillion places.  I open the office door at 3:45 this morning to find this storm trooper dude standing right on the other side.  I freaking jump like 2 feet back, drop all the stuff in my hands and scream.  F*** this guy, I did not need to start my Monday like this!!!!!!!