Hope you had a great weekend!  Hope you got yesterday off and enjoyed a long weekend.  Those long weekends are the best.  Sunday we got together we some friends and hit the pool and did a little BBQ.  That is the best feeling to not give a rip what time it is on Sunday cause you have no work on Monday!!!!!  Sunday night we let our daughter have a friend spend the night.  Then by Monday after breakfast they were over all the things to play with inside the house and wanted to hit the outdoors.  We started with riding bikes, skateboards, roller skates, etc... up and down the street but then the wanted to go further.  So I took them down the street to the park.  It was such a nice cool day at the coast.  Of course I took the opportunity to take another unflattering selfie.  One day I will figure out how to look natural and attractive in a selfie..........fingers crossed!