Sometimes we make the strangest choices in life.  It's strange the things we decided are important and not.  The things we will spend extra money for and then the things we won't.  I ran into a strange issue last week when packing for Las Vegas.  I had a toothbrush issue.  We have big electric toothbrushes at home so keep a stash of cheap single toothbrushes for when we need to travel.  I'm packing and grab what I think is a single cheap toothbrush.  Get to Vegas to find that it is not really a toothbrush but some random little gum brush.  Where the heck did we even get that?  So even though I passed by the shop in the lobby multiple times each day I decided to save the money and just use the gum brush on my teeth.  Each time I brushed I asked myself, "What the hell are you doing?".  It took so long to brush.  I felt like I was brushing each tooth individually.  I used this bad-boy for 3 days!!!!  If I had to do it all over again I would spend the $2.25 in the casino shop for a real toothbrush.