We (they hubby) are still working away demoing the new house.  If you hadn't heard the hubby and I bought our dream/nightmare house.  It will be our dream house eventually!  But right now it is just a shell of a home that my husband has ripped everything out of.  My hubby is the demo crew and then hopefully around February our P1 contractor friend will come in and help us put it all back together.  Most days after work I bring lunch to the house, eat with the hubby and then he fills me in on the latest progress with the house.  FYI - my hubby The Boo is amazing!  The amount of work he has done and money he has saved us is truly impressive.  Yesterday after eating chicken sandwiches at a dusty card table in the middle of an empty room he says he wants to show me something he has found.  He was ripping out an old part of the ceiling which then left the inside of the attic exposed.  Written on one of the boards in the attic is "Hidihoe neighbor" with a strange drugged out smiley face.  What is that all about and how long has that been there?  Simpsons?  Home Improvement?  Or something else?  We are talking about making that area a loft.  But if we don't and just keep it as attic I am totally leaving that written there forever.