Happy New Year!!!!  So excited for 2019....I really believe this year is going to be awesome!

Hope you had a good holiday.  Mine was pretty good.  It did start off with the annual holiday mental breakdown.  It was right after our last day of work and I was talking on the phone (Bluetooth) with the hubby when all of a sudden I miss my exit on the freeway.  That was the last holiday stress straw and I started to do crazy cry as I'm driving down the 52.  I was planning on taking an different exit then normal cause I was going to get the hubby's holiday gift.  Once I explained to him why I was crying like a psycho he told me to come home, not worry about it and we will get it later.  After that cleansing 10 minutes of bawling I felt a ton better and moved on with my holiday!

If you listen to the P1 Podcast you will be happy to know that my daughter did get to watch her father receive a gift from her mother.  I got him a workbench that he was been wanting for a while. My daughter got all the goodies she was hoping for and then we rounded out the day with a visit to my parents in North County.

Hope you and your family had a great holiday!