Sky's Old House - Master Bathroom & Closet Plan

The house remodeling project continues.  But I am getting super excited because within the next month we are going to be transitioning from ripping everything out to putting it back together!  The last 3 months have been all demo and planning.  We just signed off on the final layout, the structural engineer came out to the house and the plans are off to the city for all our fun permits!  We went back and forth on the master bath and closet layout about half a dozen times.  The old layout had the closet connected to the bathroom.  So we kept trying to rework it where you would walk through the closet area to get into the bathroom.  We finally realized that if you make them two separate spaces then you aren't wasting a bunch of area just on walking space.  The bathroom area currently looks something like this.....

I can't wait to have a freaking bathtub again!  Here is the plan............

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Sky's Old House Chronicles

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