It is so cold out!!!!  This morning the ice warning sensor came on as I was driving into work.  Me and my family are not snow people.  Tons of our neighbors love going to the snow to board or ski...but not us.  If/when we do go to the snow it is lots of sledding, snowmen and snowball fights.  We took our daughter for the first/last time in 2015.  It was a pretty awesome trip to Big Bear.  We rented this cute little cabin with a hot tub and the perfect private sledding are in the backyard.  The drive up was perfect, there was already some snow on the ground but it didn't start actually snowing till we pulled into the was perfect.  It then snowed the next few days we were there and then cleared up the morning we drove home.  As much as I hate being cold, thinking about this trip really makes me want to do it again!