Sky's Old House - Paint Problems

Here we go!  Taking stuff apart is easy.  Putting it back together is always drama.  The house we bought that we are currently remodeling to the studs is a mid-century modern.  That style has never been my jam.  But over the last few months I have grown to love the style and now have a vision that I LOVE for our new home.  A big part of the love has to do with the homes ceilings.  They are that open beam, high peak ceilings.  The cool thing about the ceilings is that they continue to the outside of the home.  So the vision has been to stain the wood planks and paint the beams all the way through to the outside.  Currently the home has some strange light green stain on the inside and white on the outside part of the ceiling.  Yesterday was the day that the hubby and a worker friend who is a painter went to town.  Staining the inside ceiling, no problem.  It will take a bunch of sanding but will totally work with the vision.  The problem is the f***ing outside boards.  That white paint that looks like it should fall off if the wind blows is not coming off.  Then there is so much termite damage that the fill holes will look different through the stain than the rest of the boards.  Our painter friend says it can be done but most likely will take 3 times longer than just going with regular paint.  And even if we do go for the stain option there is no guarantee that the outside will even end up looking good with the woods condition.

Current choices.....1. Stain only the inside and paint the outside white again like they had it before. 2. Give up on the stain and paint the whole thing inside and out an off white to go with the gray beams.  Or 3. Just put in the work and hope that it turns out good.

The guys are going to work on it again today with some paint stripper and see how that goes.  Fingers crossed cause I don't want to have to compromise on the vision already!!!!!

Some of the stain choices we were hoping to go with.  Hope to figure it out by the end of the weekend!

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