Sky's Old House - Sewer Fun X2

Holy crap....literally!!!  Yesterday was so much sewer fun, I can't even tell you (sarcasm, sarcasm and more sarcasm)!  

Early Saturday morning the hubby started the demo phase for our new sewer line at the home we are remodeling.  We weren't planning on doing a completely new sewer line.  But after talking to the neighbors and hearing their horror stories.  Then thinking of all our hard work (new floods, cabinets, etc...) that would be ruined if the old sewer were to back up.  We decided to cap the old system and just trench and put in a new system.  The hubby and some workers rented a concrete saw and jackhammer and went to town all day Saturday and Sunday.

Not sure if this is the universe being an ass-face or if the universe is reminding me that we are doing the right thing by spending extra time and money on a new sewer line (I'm telling myself it is the latter).  But yesterday the main line backed up in our rental house flooding out the bathrooms.  I started a load of laundry and next thing you know my bathroom floors are flooded.  Luckily I was home and caught it before the water spilled out of the bathroom on to the wood floors.  I can't imagine what would of happened if I wasn't home at the time!  So I spent all day cleaning up toilet water, bleaching everything and then staying up until the plumber was done last night at 9pm.  Good times!

Here is me yesterday checking out the work at the new house before the s*** hit the fan at our rental.........

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