This is my life now taking random pictures of homes and VWs. With the Sky's Old House home remodel going on I have been taking random pictures and screen shots of all types of home stuff. I even took a picture of a neighbors kitchen back-splash I liked the other day. But I realized there is another thing that I will randomly take pictures of...VWs. My hubby's love of classic VWs has rubbed off on me a bit. But I really enjoy the look on his face when I show him a picture I took of a VW parked on the street or a cool piece of art I see. I realized that this might be on a strange level now when I took a picture of a VW mural in my daughters doctors office. Kind of an odd spot to take a picture. It's been a minute since we took out the Double Ugly for a spin. Poor girl has been getting neglected due to the house remodel. Maybe this weekend we will take her out for a drive!