If you did not hear yesterday on The Show, my Valentine's morning started with a bang!!!! When I was awoken to the sweat sounds of my daughter throwing up at 2am. So clearly the little nugget stayed home from school yesterday. She was so bummed to miss school on Valentine's Day when everyone is exchanging little treats. I got home from work yesterday and she was still down for the count. So the hubby said due to that reason he wasn't able to go out that morning like he was planning to implement his big Valentine's Day extravaganza. I know he is full of it, he was probably just planning on buying me flowers. But I don't care for two reasons....#1 as long as he does a little something I am fine and #2 my baby is sick and that is all I really care about. The hubby picked some random flowers he was able to find out front in the rain. He also had already bought me 2 chocolate hearts which for some reason he decided to display on the bed. With the sick little one, yesterday was all about taking care of her and then early to bed. Hoping the hubby and I will get to do a little celebration Saturday night. Hope you had a good healthy Valentine's Day yesterday!