Sky's Old House - Rain, Roots & Rebar

It's been a crazy last week over at Sky's Old House. I have been totally MIA this past week. Not that I really do much besides bring lunch, take pictures and give my opinions. But it makes me feel part of the process. But with all the rain, my daughter getting the full blown flu and me jacking up my back I haven't been to the house in almost a week. The hubby took a few pictures to keep me updated.

Rain - The stupid rain flooded all our trenches. We are putting in a brand new sewer line. The old one was like a ticking time bomb and we weren't going to put a totally new house on top of an old, could back up at anytime, system. Only problem is when you trench you whole entire house right before two straight days of rain....bad idea. The hubby took this picture right before he pumped all the water back outside..........

Roots - We found some roots while trenching inside the house for the new sewer. It was a bit concerning but nothing compared to the MASSIVE roots we found just outside the house while trenching for the pool equipment. Luckily it looks like the big roots belonged to a tree that is no longer there. All the roots have now been cut and the hubby put an herbicide on them so hopefully they won't grow back towards the house........

Rebar - That is the stage we are at with the pool. The rain has slowed down the pool schedule. But no big deal because even with a bit of a delayed schedule the pool will be done way before the house!

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