I have worn my cat Namaste shirt today in hopes that it will make me chill the hell out! Yesterday I had to force myself to meditate multiple times because I was starting to get so worked up. It all has to do with Sky's Old House, our massive home renovation project. Yesterday was one of "those" days where it seemed like every bit of news was bad news....windows we want don't quality for Title 24, siding we want turns out to be crazy expensive and will blow our budget, the city is backed up on building permits right now, etc..... I woke up 4 different times last night thinking about this stuff.  And all of this while we haven't even started putting out home back together yet. We have 3 months till move in and I feel no progress is being made putting her back together. We are 5 months deep on this project and our contractor had initially said he was starting at the beginning of the new year....it is now February 26th. He PROMISES that we will not be homeless and that our home will be done on time. Alright, I need to stop typing cause I am getting myself all worked up again. Point is between this kick ass shirt, more meditation and trusting in my contractor everything will end up just fine!!!!!! How many times do I need to repeat it before I believe it?????