I actually did manual labor this weekend! Let's be honest about my skill set.....manual labor isn't high up on my list. I am great on planning, researching, getting quotes, picking up lunch, painting, weeding and cleaning the job-site....but that is about it. Everything else I leave up to the hubby and the professionals. But this weekend my daughter was gone all day Saturday. I asked the hubby if he needed any help and he said he did actually have a two person job that he thinks I would be good at. When he then went on to tell me that we would be cutting concrete for the new sewer line I almost passed out. But honestly besides being a bit messy, my job wasn't that bad. He did all the hard work cutting the concrete, I was the water and suction gal. I felt kinda like the dental hygienist when you are getting a cavity filled. The hubby would cut the concrete and I would keep a flow of water on the blade and suck up all the water and concrete dust with a vacuum at the same time. We made a great team!!! But now I'm happy to go back to my roll making phone calls and picking up lunch. 😊