WTF is going on here???? I wish I didn't smoke away all my brain cells so I could remember more stuff. When I was working at a rock radio station up in Nor Cal we had 2 other station in the building, a classic rock and an alternative station. I was the Programming Assistant for all three stations but only did on-air stuff with the rock station. Since I worked closely with the program directors for all the station the alternative program director would always have me come in a meet the new bands he would have in the station. I think, he thought it would make them feel more important if people wanted to meet and get a pictures with them. FYI - this is how I ended up sitting in a room with 4 people watching Maroon 5 perform unplugged before anyone knew who they were. I got a picture too which I am still trying to find!!!! Anyway, so this was the day Unwritten Law came in studio. I was clearly joking around with the guys and having a good time....but why is this guys hand on my ass????? I was already married to The Boo at this time, so not appropriate!!!!!