Yesterday was the big iHeartMedia San Diego Opening Day client party. This is where the company treats our clients to a fun preparty across the street from Petco Park on Opening Day. We all drink, have snacks and hang out for a few hours then people head over to the game.  It's a good time every year. So I wear a little dress, actually put some makeup on and I am ready to go. I show up and see a bunch of the ladies drinking champagne.....yes please! I get to the bar and our drink tickets are only good for Bloody Mary's or beer. I was just going to buy my drink but then I noticed I only had enough cash left to tip the valet so I said screw it and got the Bloody Mary. For the next two hours I am chatting with clients, co-workers, taking pictures...having a grand old time. Leaving the event I run into a delightful P1 who asks to take a picture...just lovely. While waiting for my car I am feeling it so I start taking selfies with Petco Park in the background....on cloud nine! Get in my car and at the first stop light I look in the mirror and notice a freaking chunk of black pepper from the stupid Bloody Mary stuck in the front of my teeth. How long had that been there??? Why didn't anyone tell me???? I talked to Show members and other close co-workers multiple times through the event. Why the heck didn't anyone hook a sister up and let me know that I had a nasty chunk of black gunk stuck in my teeth. FML!!!!!