Saturday night was my daughter's elementary school Gala. If you aren't familiar The Gala is not for kids. It is a fancy party for the parents to get dressed up, party and raise money for the school of course! This years theme was Secret Garden. Honestly will all the housing drama going on in my life right now I really phoned it in this year. But even though I didn't spend a month obsession on my dress, hair, who we were going to sit with, etc... we still had an amazing time. This year the Gala was at the Estancia in La Jolla. We weren't planning on staying the night but after all the crap went on with our housing situation we decided to treat ourselves and spend the night. It was so much fun! We had a bunch of friends over to our room to preparty. It was so funny cause I was helping the hubby pin his flower on his suit and I turn around to see all these cameras pointed at us like a bunch of parents on prom night. Great time was had by all and a bunch of money was raised for the school. Can't wait till next year!