Have I told you lately that I love you? It's been a crazy couple weeks in the world of Sky. But you know who keeps making it better? You!!!!! Seriously, our listeners are the best. I had a bit of a mental breakdown yesterday over my whole housing situation and the amount of nice messages I got from P1's was amazing. Some had good advice. And some shared their own remodel horror stories, which hearing how the drama eventually ends made me feel so much better.  

If you did not know we have a tab on our website called Hang With The Show where you can request to come sit in studio on a Friday and watch The Show live. We have between 2-4 P1's come in each Friday. This past Friday P1 Anthony came to sit. This dude was so freaking cool. He brought us all custom cakes...me real estate, Eddie Star Wars, Thor The NY Giants and Emily and image of a woman napping on a bed/cloud. Amazing! On top of that he made himself an Odell Browns jersey just to stick it to Thor. So a big thank you to Anthony and all our amazing listeners who take time out of their busy lives to brighten ours!!!!!