If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know the last two weeks we were kicked out of our rental due to a leak in the slab. The leak and pipes were so bad that they ended up capping the line in the slab and just doing all new pipes in the house through the walls and attic. We cleared and packed up all the spaces that we thought they would be working in. There was one area we forgot. It was a wall in my daughters room that backs up to the master shower. So the workers took all the stuff of my daughters packed bookshelf and then moved it away from the wall so they could get to the pipes. We were finally able to move back into our home on Friday afternoon. The owners were nice enough to have the house cleaned before we returned cause there was construction dust all over the place. I go into my daughters room to see that they had put the bookshelf back and everything that was on it. In no way did I expect the books and trinkets to be in the same place but I did not expect this! Who the hell puts books on a bookshelf like this????? Why would you ever even think to do it like this? I seriously would have been less offended if they would have just left all the books in a pile in the middle of the room. Clearly we have a psychopath on the lose in our fine city!!!!!