Sky's Old House - Framing and Delays

The Sky's Old House project which started late last year has been at a bit of a standstill for the last month. It has been a super frustrating feeling. The hubby has been working so hard at demo and prep for our contractor's crew to get in there and put this home back together! But right when we were about to get our permit last month and get all the licensed crews in, we hit a snag with the city. To be honest not a big fan of the city right now, aka hate their f***ing faces. When you are paying mortgage and rent every month it is not a good feeling to just have to sit there with your thumb up your a** while some new employee at the city decides they want to make you jump through hoops and provide info that #1 doesn't matter and that #2 you have already provided. Why does the city like to punish people who are going through the proper channels to try and improve their piece of the city while also increasing the amount of property tax the city can collect?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, since my contractor is super by-the-book he will not start work until that stupid permit is issued (hopefully today). Since the hubby ran out of stuff to do on the project he decided to learn how to frame walls. Between a lesson from our contractor and YouTube the hubby has now framed part of our master closet and laundry room. I swung by yesterday to have lunch with the hubby and took a few pictures.

The entrance to our new walk-in closet. Don't mind the old toilet in the back....

Our new indoor laundry room.........

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