Holy crap, it seems like FOREVER that we have been waiting on this permit from the city. We bought this house that we are remodeling inside and out back in September and we are just now finally got our permit approved. Dude the city needs to figure it the f*** out! It's so messed up that they make people suffer (emotionally and financially) just because they decided to do it the right way and actually go through the city. Who knew that the city makes paying them money (fees, increased property tax, etc...) and doing things the proper way so hard. But whatever, forget all those months of stress, tears, double payments and fights cause we are now legit. We found out a week ago Friday that we were approved so last week was full steam ahead at Sky's Old House. The priority was to get the sewer line inspected (PASSED), then half fill trenches, put in all the electrical and other piping to get inspected (PASSED) and then finally fill the trenches so we can pour concrete. This week the concrete guys should be able to come and finally fill those trenches so I never have to seem them running through the entire house and yard again!