Over the weekend my daughter and a bunch of other Girl Scouts from our neighborhood took part in the 3rd Annual Pinewood Derby Race. This is where you are given a block of wood and wheels and then are given specific rules on how much the car can weigh and you go to town making your car. I think this might be my husband's favorite even that our daughter does all year long. What normally happens is the Dad's do all the cutting of the wood for the girls and then they go to town with decorating the car. I guess the Boy Scouts in our are have been doing this for a while and one of the families owns a LEGIT track. So 3 years back they had the thought that maybe the girls would like to race too. So the Boy Scouts do their race one weekend and the Girl Scouts to their another. It is really a ton of fun cause it is also a pot-luck/drinking fest for the adults.  

This year we have a bit of controversy that left my daughter upset. We had to have a long talk about how life is not always fair and as long as you did your best that is all you are in control of. My daughters car this year "The Rocket" made it to the finals. All of a sudden all the action stops. I'm drinking and talking away but finally the pause is so long that even I start to get curious what is going on. Then we notice that all the cars are on the track except for Lovelyn's. I finally go over to ask what is up and that is when one of the Dad's informed me that someone behind the scenes dropped Lovelyn's car and the rocket weights on top broke in 3 pieces. He then walks away and then a second later the final race begins. Lovelyn got 3rd place which is still great but now all she can focus on is would she have done better if someone didn't break her car. I felt so bad for her but again, life isn't fair and all you can control is yourself and doing your best!