You know how little things can make you mentally snap. Yesterday morning at the grocery store I had one of those moments. I had the choice....I could be like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down and just start on a path of violence or I could take a deep breath and try and be the bigger person. I decided to be the bigger person but I'm now looking back at the picture I should have gone full blown Falling Down.

Yesterday morning I go to the grocery store to grab a few things. I park next to a big truck. I snug my spot up a bit on the drivers side to make room for the big truck on the passenger side. I come out of the store to find some Mini-Cooper has decided to snug his little car up on the passenger side for no apparent reason. It is raining out, I load my groceries in the back and realize there is no freaking way that I can open my door to get in the car. So I end up having to crawl through the passenger side to get in my car. Once I was finally behind the wheel, soaking wet, I took a breath and decided to just move along with my day. But what I really wanted to do was roll down my window and scrape my key alongside this douche-bags car as I reversed out. Lame!!!!