Friday I went to a fancy ladies lunch. This was my second year attending the YWCA's In The Company of Women charity lunch. The lunch is to raise money for the YWCA and their programs helping women and their children leave abusive situations and learn how to succeed in society without their abusive partner. Each year they have a celebrity as the speaker at the luncheon. This years speaker was Mira Sorvino. I knew about her Harvey Weinstein connection but I had no idea what an accomplished woman she really is. She has spent decades behind the scenes helping victims of abuse, more recently working on human trafficking and even working with the UN. She even teared up a few times in her speech. It was super emotion when she acknowledged that she has been helping women for decades but it was a struggle for her to go public with the Weinstein story. But she finally realized that how can she help all these other women if she isn't will to stand up for herself. It was a great event and I was thrilled to be a part of it and donate to such a great cause!