Yesterday was a good day at Sky's Old House. We (mainly the hubby) have been working on remodeling our home pretty much everyday since September. In the beginning you could really see the progress as we ripped everything out of the home. But since then the visible progress has not been as impressive. But yesterday when I showed up I saw some cool stuff...the beams arrived to build our new garage roof, all the windows have been delivered, the hubby was almost done framing all the windows to be installed, but my favorite was the pool tile being installed. It was so sparkly and made me smile. Just like most decisions, it took us forever to commit to a pool tile. We paid a bit extra to upgrade to a glass tile and OMG was that the right choice!!!!! I can't wait to see when all the title is installed, it is going to look so beautiful. If you are looking to put a pool in your backyard I highly recommend San Diego Pools