We had so much fun in Chicago last week. It was great to see all our radio friends at the annual Morning Show Bootcamp. But of course it always feels amazing to come home to San Diego!

The last night we were there we went out to a fancy dinner with a bunch of friends. Emily and I had a little bet going during dinner. Foodie Emily was concerned about the sides on our pre-set menu. She didn't know what side to get. This is when I informed he that I think all the sides are coming to the table family style. I felt this way cause each menu category (entree, dessert, etc...) said "choose one" but the sides did not say to "choose" they were just listed. Emily disagreed with my interpretation of the menu so much that we decided to bet. I was the big $1 winner that evening when all the sides came out family style. I was feeling it before dinner and even did a little hotel bathroom selfie session. Here is one of my hotel selfies and the photo so I can always remember my big bet win!