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My 19th Wedding Anniversary

Can you believe that today I have been married for 19 freaking years!!!!!! Yes the hubby and I were just in our early 20's when we decided to get married on September 24th 2000. It's crazy how much I love the hubby. And today is extra special cause today is the 1 year anniversary of closing escrow on Sky's Old House and we move in today. Lots going on! We have been though TONS OF STRESS this year with this home remodel. I appreciate that the hubby and I love each other so much that even when we are in crazy stressful times we still do our best to use each other as a support system and not a verbal/emotional punching bag. That is something that is not easy. But we have learned over the last 19 years of marriage it is always better to cherish your best friend/love than to take them for granted. Best friends/true love is super rare and I am beyond blessed that I get to spend my life with mine!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of that special day 19 years ago and the lyrics to our wedding song which still stand true today........

Dave Matthews Band– Love Of My Life Lyrics

Where you are that's where I want to be

And through your eyes are all the things I want to see

In the night you are my dreams

You're everything to me

You're the love

Of my life

And the breath

In my prayers

Take my hand

Lead me there

What I need is you here

I can't forget the taste of your mouth

From your lips, the heavens pour out

I can't forget when we are one

You alone and I am free

Everyday, every night

You alone, are the love of my life

Everyday, every night

You, alone, are the love of my life

We go dancing in the moonlight

With the starlight in your eyes

We go dancing 'til the sunlight

You and me, we're gonna

Dance, dance, dance

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