This weekend is my Dad's bday! The whole family is coming over to Sky's Old House on Sunday for BBQ and swimming. I warned them that it is still a construction zone, but it's gonna be so beautiful how do we not enjoy the pool???? My Dad is the best. Yes he is quite and not the most emotional guy, he leans a bit more to the right than I would prefer....but I wouldn't trade him for the world. He has always been there for us. I remember one dance competition growing up that my Mom couldn't attend. My Mom went to all my dance stuff, my Dad went to all my soccer stuff.  I guess my Dad knew I was upset about it and when I went to take the dance floor I remember looking up to see my Dad in the crowd and my heart just exploded. After I said to him that I didn't realize he was coming and he told me that of course he was planning on coming since Mom couldn't make it. That is when I realized no matter how quite he might be. No matter that fact that he might not say "I Love You" as much as other parents, that this man loved me more than I realized. It's crazy how the little things you can do as a parent can end up being the things that your kids remember for ever.

Happy Birthday week Dad and here is to many more to come!!!!