The hubby and I have known that from the roof of Sky's Old House you have an awesome view of the Bay, SeaWorld, Downtown and the Coronado Bridge. So when planning the remodel of Sky's Old House we could afford only one of two choices. #1 - Rebuild the whole house, put in all new systems for the future, make it super comfy and put in our dream pool. Or #2 - Leave all the crappy old stuff, not get a pool and just put a second story on top to get the views. Even though views are awesome we decided the priority was to make it comfortable and functional for us. So yesterday we are sitting in the kitchen when all of a sudden we start hearing noises from out front. We go to investigate and to our surprise we could see the SeaWorld fireworks for Veteran's Day from our front driveway. Making mental note to self for 4th of July!!!!