Back in 2002 the hubby and I were still living up in Northern California. We decided that we wanted to do a little winter get away. Most people would do a fun quick getaway to Lake Tahoe. But we decided that we wanted to go someplace new and decided to check out Reno. Oh my! Our hotel was straight out of the 80's. But we were young and didn't have much money so we were stoked that we were able to afford a suite! It actually turned out to be an awesome trip because I hit the big prize on a slot machine and won $1,000. It seemed like I had won a million dollars back then. This was pre-camera phone so you can see that we set the camera up on the table to take this sweet high-as-f*** couples picture in our room. I of course had to get a picture of our amazing room and a random picture of the snow to properly remember the trip!