Jaws Dog - Nothing Is Safe

Out 7 month old Maltipoo Nugget loves to chew!!! His favorite items include wood planks, sticks, shoes, socks and anything plush. When we first got him back in December we got him a whole pile of dog toys not including all the stuff he got just a few weeks later as Christmas gifts. But almost 5 months later ALL of his toys, besides one lone rope, have been destroyed. He just loves to rip things apart! I got a call on my way home from work yesterday letting me know that he has just tried to rip apart my daughters protractor we just ordered her for math. So before he started in on the furniture I decided I better hit the pet store for some new stuff. I has seriously at least a 10 minute conversation with a worker there and had her help me pick out toys. I could tell she didn't believe me when I was telling her my cute little Malitpoo destroys all toys. So she recommends a few different things, one is this purple toy that is allegedly so strong that it is made from old fire hoses. Within 10 minutes Nugget had already ripped apart part of the tail thing. Hopefully we will have better luck with the other items I bough.

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