The Office Cat

Now that my daughter is home everyday when I get home from work she will normally ask me over lunch "So, how was your day at work". I will then tell her a silly story from the day. Multiple times now she has asked me if I still have the cat in the office. It took a while to figure out what she was talking about. She came into my office at work about 3 years ago and only remembers two things. #1 we had a big bowl of candy in the office at the time and #2 the "office cat" which turns out was the stuffed promotional cat I got from the movie Keanu that was sitting near my computer at the time. She asked about it again yesterday. So this morning I went through the boxes of toys that we still haven't unpacked in our office since they remodeled a year ago, and I found the cat! I have put it back near my computer but I'm thinking I might just bring it home and give it to her since it was clearly the highlight of her visit to the radio station. Here is the "office cat".....

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