My Vacation Project & TV Appearance

The Show was on vacation all last week. We took a working vacation (broadcast from Hawaii) back in February and that has been our only vacation time off all year. So this past week we all took the week to have some vacation time. What does vacation time look like for Sky in the middle of a pandemic? It looks like pretty much every other week. Staying home and working on projects around the house and yard. I had one goal for vacation and that was to finally plant up and landscape the tiny bed in our front yard. I hate when people don't take care of their front yards. That is why it has been driving me crazy to at least get some little flowers or ground cover or something in this dang dirt bed. One of my first vacation days I hit it hard, wedding and cutting back all the overgrown ivy and stuff. From that point on basically nothing! I ended up helping other people with there big projects which I will share pictures of this week. Like helping my hubby build a shed and doing a complete "teen" makeover of my daughters room. But that poor front bed is still a patch of dirt. Here is a picture I took when I started and then a picture I took yesterday which was a full week later. Brutal!

Also while on vacation my TV appearance on KUSI aired. If you missed this gem here you go..........

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