Moving The VW

So yesterday in my bog I mentioned how I had one goal during our week off last week and that was to landscape our front garden bed. You might have been thinking, Sky why did you leave it looking horrible for so long? Great question. Just like with most projects you have to do things in a certain order. Since we knew we wanted to get the garage floor done the hubby needed a place to store his classic VW "The Double Ugly". I made the INSANE suggestion that he just park it on the street in front of our house for a few weeks. He did not like that suggestion and said that if we did that we would never see "her" again or at the very least she would get some parts stolen off "her". So he decided the safer idea would be to pull down our fence, buy an outdoor storage tent/carport and park her right in our front court yard. She legit went from the fence to our front wall with only a small walking path in between. So long story short, before I could landscape we had to move the car in, finish the garage floor then move the car back out. So one day during vacation I got to spend a few fun hours with the hubby taking down the fence panel. Helping him back out his car so it didn't hit anything (took legit 45 minutes of backing up and inching forward). And then putting the fence panel back up. It was honestly the worst! But The Double Ugly is now in her permanent home. And even though I still don't have any flowers planted the hubby is a happy boy.

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