"We" Built A Shed

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we did nothing last week for my week off work except work on projects at home. I would say the biggest project we did last week was build a shed. This shed just like most things at Sky's Old House was a long process. My husband does not rush any decision. Actually my husband will over research things to the point where he most of the time talks himself out of stuff cause he learned too much and now nothing is good enough. He decided to go with a shed kit because there is a good chance that we might have to move this bad boy in a few years. So he wanted a kit that we could take apart and either move to another space if need be. As you will notice in the pictures the hubby does everything 110%. It is so annoying to someone like me who is more of a 90% type of gal. He leveled the area, built a wood frame for the base, leveled inside the base, filled base with pavers and then started building away......

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