Crazy Nugget

Our little man Nugget got out again yesterday!!!! It is so scary. This is the third time this has happened. Once was bolting out the gate when I came in. Once was digging and squeezing under the fence. And yesterday was squeezing his body under the garage door which was a crack open. I seriously don't know how homie fit thorough without breaking his rib cage. But when my daughter and a friend of her left the house and were walking down the street he had to get to them! Then once he is out on the street all he wants to do is run and have you chase him. Luckily there was a neighbor out down the street and he ran right up to her wanting to make a new friend. Time to get that guy some serious training!  

He is getting so big too. He hasn't been weighed in a few months but I think we are clocking in at a solid 14 pounds these days...........

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