Snowing in La Jolla????

The confusion was real! Saturday early evening when ash started to rain from the sky as I was pulling pool toys out of the pool for the night, I was confused. Then after about a minute I had the thought that this might be ash blowing in all the way from the Valley Fire in Alpine. Checked the news and yep that was what was happening. Guess the wind was blowing just right to bring the ash all the way from Alpine to North PB and La Jolla. Was crazy to watch it fall out the window like a light snow as it is 90 degrees outside. Turns out I wasn't the only one confused in my neighborhood. The confused posts on the NextDoor App of people waking up Sunday morning to ash all over their yards were plentiful. Most thought there was a fire in the neighborhood that they weren't aware of. When one woman was informed that it was from a fire out in Alpine she asked if it was from a house fire or a wildfire....think that through lady....a single house fire????? Hope everyone is safe out there. Here are the sights from my yard this weekend.........

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