Murder In The Air

"Once he got a taste for blood there was no turning back." This is how I am going to start my novel about my serial killer dog. Nugget has struck again. Not a sweet bird this time but a pretty decent sized rat!!!! Just hanging out in the pool with the daughter before dinner last night. The hubby is out in the garage finishing up a few things before joining us. All of a sudden I see cute little 12 pound Nugget run by with something in his mouth. Is that a ball? Is that his rope? Nope, that is a big ass rat. Unlike the bird which I heard he would not part with for dear life, he puts the rat down and walks up to the edge of the pool to see what we are doing. I scream to my daughter to jump out and close the back door closest to her and I will get the other one. Once I have secured that he won't bring the dead rat in the house I now, still dripping wet in my bathing suit with my hair pinned up like an old grandma so it won't get wet, have to figure out what to do with the dog and the body/evidence. Nugget picks up the rat and tries to run off with it again but I just walk away like it is no thing and he drops the rat and follows. I pick him up but still don't know how to dispose of the rat since my daughter would cry if I let her see it and my husband is out of ear shot. So dripping wet and carrying Nugget I open the slider and track water all through the house to get a food handlers glove and trash bag from the kitchen. I pick up the rat, put down the dog and get back in the pool to wash the death off me. After a few minutes I notice the crazy sun color due to the fires. I jump out of the pool to take a picture and a murder of crows flies in front of the sun. I figure that was enough of the universe telling me to head back inside so we packed it in for the night..........

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