Small Bathroom Large Picture

Our Sky's Old House remodel is still in the works. Luckily we are in the final wind down stages. But I'm sure we won't feel totally settled for another 6 months to a year. We still have yet to hang most of our pictures/art on the walls. Our new house is smaller than our old house and the style doesn't really lend itself to much stuff on the walls. I enjoy the clean look but then we I look at my pile of framed stuff I badly want to find a place to hang it. We were finally able to find a spot for this black and white framed photo that I love. We bought this off an old neighbor lady at a garage sale when we first moved to La Jolla. I like to stare at it and wonder...what is at the end of that road? and who is traveling down said road and what are they up to? The hubby and I had both noticed that the mint green frame went with the tile in our master bathroom. Only problem is there is no open wall space big enough. I then suggested our tiny toilet closet. I know it is a small little room but I swear at nice hotels they put big pieces of art in tiny bathrooms. So we gave it a try and I am a fan.................

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