Weekend Fun?

My weekends are so boring/awesome now due to this whole pandemic thing. On paper my weekends now sounds crazy, super, lame and boring. With no events, parties, or concerts to go to I have zero cool stuff going on in my life. But I have been loving my new lame weekend schedule. My weekends normally consist of working in the yard or house, going in the pool & spa multiple times and then hanging out with the family. That is exactly what we did this weekend and honestly it felt good. I feel connected to my family and I feel like I am accomplishing things. On Saturday we packed up the family including Nugget and went for a little trip to North County. A P1 who owns a jewelry store up there reached out when she heard that I hadn't been wearing my broken wedding ring since March. And at the same time my parents had reached out saying they had a few handyman projects for the hubby. My Mom took this picture while we were socially distancing and wearing masks in her backyard. Not the coolest weekend but I feel good. 🙂