Delivery Nachos On A Bike???

I was not a happy customer last night. I have learned over the years that I don't complain. I am a pretty easy going, non-confrontational customer. UNLESS....I am a regular of your business and spend stupid amounts of money on your service, then I want good service. I found that one of those business I want good service from is my food deliver services. We get food delivered (no judgement) about 5-6 days a week. 99% of those deliveries come from one service alone. Whenever an order is messed up this service is amazing and refunds that portion of my order ASAP. Been super impressed in the past. I know mistakes happen, but they always make it right. But they did not make things right last night. I am so pissed off that I am considering starving rather than placing another order with them....seems logical!?!?!? Anyway we order taco shop last night for dinner. We wanted something super fast and this taco shop is in our regular rotation cause the food is cooked fast and gets to our house in less than 5 minutes after it is picked up. We place the order, all is good until I get the alert that our order has been picked up. I notice that the order has been picked up by someone on "bike". WTF???? Who knew that was even a thing? What is this Manhattan? Anyway, long story short. What should have been a 3-4 minute drive in a warm car turned into a 45 minute bike ride in the cold. We live up a big hill and it took the poor chick like 15 minutes just to do the last part of the trip. Shocker the food was cold and soggy. The delivery service didn't care about my complaint. Said sometimes bike delivery is better and it is not an option you can choose or unchoose. Since they didn't want to hear my complaints about bike vs car delivery, I waited till the food got there and complained about the cold and soggy food. They sent me an email letting me know that they added $2 to my account as an apology for the food being late. Not happy! So if you see me in a few weeks and I have lost 75 pounds, you know why!